We are a digital consulting firm working with online coaches and entrepreneurs that want to use their personal social media strategically to grow their businesses.


We are in the digital revolution that requires a deeper understanding of psychology, media, and data to grow businesses

we solve the 3 most common challenges that coaches and personal brands face with growing their businesses online


You know what to do to a certain extent, but do not have one second available because you run a business and of course have a life. This can also mean you may lack a team to help you.


The digital world is so complex that sometimes you are not sure on what actions to take on a daily basis. A lot of people operate at this level, but it can change.


You'll rather do other things in your business instead of managing digital tools and social media. We completely understand. Some folks just want to focus on improving their product or service to serve others better.

phase 1 - digital data

learn what matters

Having data is like having ingredients. The ingredients are useless if you don't have a recipe to create a delicious meal. We all have access to data. It's available everywhere. The skill is knowing how to turn data into insights in order to make your business better.

phase 2 - digital ads

more than reach

Reach is the easy part of marketing because consumers are spending hours a day everyday on social media. It is more about what you are reaching people with. Without specific and targeted ads, you'll struggle to break through in this noisy world

phase 3 - digital sales

The bottom

Your marketing efforts should align with your revenue goals and not with random social media videos or likes. Marketing and sales can no longer be seen as separate. You cannot do one without the other. Both are essential. The bottom line is that without sales, your business dies. Ensure you are not wasting your marketing budget and efforts.

A structured backend system and platform that we build for you in only 3 weeks to equip you with what you need to use your personal social media strategically for more business without monthly service fees. It is built by using our simple, yet effective model which consist of the three different phases mentioned above: Data phase, Social Media Marketing phase, and the Sales phase. We build and run the lab for you. Prosper during this digital revolution we are all in right now.

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we work with entrepreneurs and coaches across the united states

the digital Rebel

“This is 10+ years of digital marketing experience filtered and structured with only the strategies that helped grow businesses. I cut out the 80% that didn't matter. I packaged only the 20% that mattered."

Ruben Pereida JR.

Founder & CEO of Vintkona